Does Siebenblau offer commercial discounts or commercial dealer conditions?

Siebenblau Bio Stoffe is a fabric retailer for private customers who want to sew with sustainably produced fabrics. We are not a wholesale business for tradespeople and do not offer trade discounts.

Are the organic fabrics I buy from you fairly produced?

Our organic fabrics are certified according to the GOTS standard, and some are also certified according to the IVN-Best standard. These standards both include social standards. For example, child labor is prohibited, fire safety precautions must be taken, and fair working conditions must be maintained along the entire production chain.

Do you also offer vegan fabrics?

Almost all of our fabrics are made from vegan raw materials such as organic cotton, organic linen or hemp. Pesticides, herbicides and defoliants are not used in the cultivation process because they damage the environment and kill animals. These pesticides kill "not only pests" (the term itself shows how conventional agriculture treats animals!), but also bees, insects and birds. The chemicals also accumulate in water, where they destroy the livelihoods of numerous aquatic life forms, including fish. Organic farming does away with all of this and focuses on ecological balance.

Organic farming also avoids genetically modified cotton, which has even been specifically developed to kill the bollworm. Much of conventional cotton is now genetically modified and thus, in our opinion, cannot be reconciled with a vegan philosophy.

Almost all of our fabrics are GOTS certified. This standard guarantees that all dyes and finishing agents used do not accumulate in the environment and therefore do not harm animals, either directly or indirectly. Other non-GOTS certified dyes often contaminate entire rivers and ecosystems, destroying the livelihood of animals. Therefore, in our opinion, it is also very important to pay attention to the effects that the materials and dyes used have on humans, the environment and animals.

In the production of GOTS-certified dyes and finishing agents, the use of bone char, gelatin, etc. is avoided.

By the way, we fundamentally reject synthetic fibers, such as acrylic fibers, polyester and spandex in particular. Not only is non-biodegradable plastic waste produced during disposal, but microplastics are also released into wastewater during washing and from there into the sea, where marine life and birds sometimes die in agony.

How do you guarantee that the materials are really organic?

Siebenblau is a GOTS-certified company. This means that an independent certification agency regularly checks whether we and all our suppliers comply with the strict GOTS guidelines, from the cultivation of the fiber to the store counter. Here you can view our currently valid GOTS company certificate.

I have my own label and would like to use the GOTS logo for my self-sewn products. Can I use the GOTS certificate of Siebenblau for the products?

You are only allowed to use the GOTS logo or refer to the certification if your company is GOTS factory certified itself and has merchandise accompanying certificates for the products. The company certification is carried out annually by an independent certification company. After successful certification issue your own license number, which must be displayed in conjunction with the GOTS logo and attached to the products on your own GOTS labels for your company. The GOTS logo may not be applied to the product without your license number. Here you can find more information about labeling.

How should the fabrics be washed?

Most of our fabrics can be machine washed at 30-40 degrees without any problems. Some fabrics can also be washed at higher temperatures. Please follow the washing instructions in the individual product descriptions. Please use organic detergents and no chemical detergents with bleaches or optical brighteners.

Do you support sustainable student projects by sponsoring organic fabrics?

We get many (!) requests for sponsoring student projects and theses. We are happy to support a project from time to time, but unfortunately we can only support a small part of the projects due to the high number of requests. We ask for your understanding.

Are there any discounts for fashion design students?
Yes, please send us a current certificate of study (a scan by e-mail is sufficient).
We will change the account you created in advance to a "student account" after receiving the certificate of study. You will be informed about the successful change by e-mail. After that you will receive a 10% discount on your purchase.