About us

From experience & passion!

Siebenblau started in 2010 as the first organic fabric retailer for private customers in Germany, based on the conviction that the textile industry can function without exploiting the planet and its people. In order to be able to guarantee strict ecological and socially fair standards along the entire textile chain, Siebenblau has been GOTS certified since 2012. The GOTS certification guarantees you that we as a company work according to the highest environmental and social standards, but beyond that, most importantly, it is rechecked every year that all our GOTS certified products are guaranteed to be produced according to the strict GOTS regulations. Since 2021 we are even more consistent than "organic" and go a big step further towards sustainability and environmental protection. Because Siebenblau is the first fabric store that consistently renounces synthetic fibers and thus microplastics in all articles.

We are a small team from Berlin!

Behind Siebenblau is a small team of sewing enthusiasts who want to make the world a little better. From the selection of products, to the online store, the photos and the package that arrives at your home - everything is in our hands. We, that is Maren, Britta, Julia and Peter. Maren is the founder and "boss" of Siebenblau, Britta is the creative mind behind our photos and takes care of the extraordinary shop windows. Julia is responsible for social media and writes all kinds of texts and Peter is our indispensable IT specialist. And all together we process your orders and advise you with a lot of heart in your sewing questions.

Plastic waste is the biggest challenge of our time!

One thing is clear: With the amount of plastic waste that mankind has accumulated in less than 100 years, we and especially the next generations will have to struggle. The bad thing about it is that plastic does not biodegrade, but breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, known as microplastics, in its centuries-long decomposition process. This microplastic can be ingested by humans and animals through the air, food and water. What many don't know is that our clothing, whether homemade or purchased, plays a significant role in how microplastics enter our environment. That's why our entire line of fabrics and haberdashery is free of synthetic fibers like polyester (including recycled polyester) and elastane. So you can be sure that your home-sewn creations won't release microplastics into the environment.

Making sustainable sewing possible for everyone!

We want to do our part to make our world more plastic-free. That's why we offer you the most sustainable alternatives for your sewing projects. Our products are compostable, biodegradable or recyclable. We completely eliminate plastic from our products and packaging, right down to the shipping box. Instead, we only offer products that do not cause microplastic during use and washing. So that you can enjoy your self-sewn works for a long time, we pay attention to a particularly durable quality. Because sustainability comes from longevity and so you not only minimize waste, but also do something good for the environment every day!

Transparency & Honesty!

We look very closely: At Siebenblau, only fabrics and haberdashery are allowed in the assortment that are made from ecological fibers and renewable raw materials and are produced without harmful chemicals and pollutants. With our GOTS certification, we give you the assurance that our fabrics are produced according to strict ecological and socially fair standards along the entire textile chain - from the fiber, through weaving/knitting and dyeing, to our store counter. Because we are convinced that sustainable organic fabrics are better. Better for you, better for the environment and better for the producers.